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Early Emory accepts enrollment applications on an ongoing basis. New children beginning the program receive a developmental screening by the program psychologist, board-certified behavior analyst or program director to ensure appropriate placement. Screenings without developmental concern take approximately one hour. Screenings for autism concern may take between 1-3 hours and require parents to complete intake assessments for more information to be included in treatment planning. All screenings include one-on-one time, as well as observation of your child in the classroom. Screenings are required for all children prior to enrollment.

Puzzle piecesIIf you are interested in our program, please contact us at 404-727-3964 or Families may access Early Emory through a variety of means:

Tuition-based: There is a base preschool tuition for all children and an additional tuition for autism intervention. Please call 404-727-3964 for more information on current fees.

Insurance: For children with an autism spectrum disorder, Early Emory is working to become in-network through insurance’s mental health benefits for Applied Behavior Analysis therapy services. In the interim, we will work with you to determine whether our program is a covered benefit under your insurance as an out-of-network provider.

Discounted rates apply at 10% for Emory University employees or sibling enrollment (one per family).

We are working on an Early Emory family-assistance funds in honor of our program’s founder, Dr. Gail McGee. Donations to the McGee Family Assistance Fund can be made here

Other financial assistance may be available through your employer or other state-funded programs such as Childcare and Parent Services (CAPS).  Federal employees should refer to the FEEA website.